There are many Algo* sites, this one is the first, the best, let's rock it together. Here you see the real proof (front test) not just a pure TV backtested printsceen. Have fun, learn and go kill it!

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Algo-Bots and Automatisation

TradeSync Automator

TradeSync Automator is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between backtesting and front testing.
This tool effortlessly imports data from TradingView (TV) into Google Sheets (GSheets) for detailed backtesting analysis. It then transitions into real-time front testing, automating and optimizing trade strategies with precision.

Designed for both novice and experienced traders, TradeSync Automator is your go-to tool for refining and executing profitable trading tactics.

Bot Data

CryptoPilot Bot (Comming)

CryptoPilot Bot is an advanced, fully automated trading bot engineered for the dynamic world of cryptocurrency markets.
This state-of-the-art bot employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze market trends, execute trades, and manage portfolios around the clock. With its intelligent design and autonomous operation, CryptoPilot Bot empowers traders to capitalize on market opportunities, minimize risks, and achieve their investment goals with unparalleled efficiency.

Get ready to elevate your trading experience with CryptoPilot Bot – your 24/7 crypto trading expert. Free

Total Bot

Useful Google Sheets

TimeFrame Transformer

Split to Lower Timeframe

Sheet Description

Indicator Fusion Fundamentals

Combining Indicators with Market Cap & Correlation

Sheet Description

Combining Indicators with Market Cap & Correlation

Combining Indicators Basic

Sheet Description

Crypto Allocation Analyst

Combining Trading 2 Coins for Dynamic Allocation

Sheet Description

Fundamentals Discretionary

Collect fundamentals and combine them... buy gold when war&hungar&badelarticity&...

Sheet Description

Useful Code Snippets


Code Snippet Description


Code Snippet Description


Code Snippet Description


Code Snippet Description

Create Your Own Indicator

For example, start with the w3q indicator:

Here we have the best web3 Quant indicator.

Code Image

With a bit of Promting wi get a bit better indicator

Code Image

With adding special Math sections from above.

Code Image

Hidden Gems

Use FSVZO or any other indicator or more than 1 timframe. Use googlesheets to combine it all together.

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